Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to bring the birding community closer together. You may have noticed birders are scattered online across social platforms, from GroupMe and WhatsApp, to Discord and Facebook, depending on where you happen to be traveling. All of these mainstream platforms fall short in certain areas for birders, whether that’s creating new topics of discussion around rare birds, organizing trips, or simply sharing routes and locations, etc. We wanted to bring all the best social features for birders under one app to bridge these gaps. Whether you’re looking for one central spot for your RBAs, organizing casual routes or big days, looking for local guides, or simply want to see what other birders are up to, BirdingApp provides a new platform made by birders, for birders.
We launched the app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in the fall of 2023.
We created these community guidelines so you can help us foster and protect this amazing birding community. Overstepping these areas may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions.

Be respectful and considerate – Treat all users with respect. Do not spam, harass, threaten, or bully other users.

Share knowledge – The birding community thrives when we share sightings and help each other learn. Share your expertise kindly and constructively.

Be accurate – Do not knowingly post inaccurate information. If you are not sure of proper bird IDs, invite discussion and be sure to include as many notes as possible with the location, date, and time when posting birds to maximize the observation value. If you make a mistake, politely correct it.

Give credit – Cite sources and give credit to other birders when possible. If you post photos taken by someone else, be sure to tag or credit the photographer. Otherwise, only post your own content and observations or content you have permission to share.

Keep it relevant – Stick to posting bird and birding-related content and discussions. Keep matters appropriate for all audiences. This is especially true for any public areas of the app like Nearby Birders or Hotspot chats. Avoid political, social, religious or commercial tangents unrelated to birding. Keep birding-related commercial and/or promotional content to a minimum.

Be lawful – It goes without saying that users must not engage in any activities that violate local, state, and federal laws or regulations, infringe upon intellectual property rights, disrupt the functionality of BirdingApp, or compromise the security and privacy of other users.

Monitor content – Please be on the lookout and report any inappropriate or suspicious activity to BirdingApp. Admins may remove inappropriate posts and restrict or ban any users violating these community standards at any time. You may find content you don’t like, but doesn’t necessarily violate these guidelines, or you feel our response is too lenient. If that happens, you can also unfollow or block the person who posted it so that you will not see any of their content or messages.

We may clarify and update these guidelines at any time.
Users can be blocked from their profile page so you will not see any of their content going forward. If you encounter inappropriate behavior outside the realm of our community standards, please submit a report through the support page in the app. Alternatively, you can submit a report on our website contact form:
An option to delete your account is available in the app under the Settings -> Account & Privacy menu. You can also submit a request through the support page in the app, or alternatively, you can submit a request on our website contact form: